Group Services

Rehabologym is proud to offer a variety of specialized groups that are designed specifically for various chronic health conditions and the neurological population in mind.

Groups provide a safe, social and judgement-free environment which allows our members and caregivers to gain confidence, education and skills with the support of peers in similar circumstances along with professional guidance by our seasoned and highly trained Rehabologists.  

Open and Closed Group options are available to meet the needs of our members and caregivers.


Group classes include, but are not limited to: Exercise, stress management, body image, relaxation, improving balance, breathing & endurance, upper extremity & lower extremity management skills, caregiver education/training, home safety/fall prevention, language/communication, nutrition, coping strategies, grieving process, life skills, leisure interests, diagnostic specific support and more!

Our Rehabologists are specially trained to provide guidance, support and assistance throughout your recovery journey! Please contact Rehabologym for more information about our Group Classes or to schedule a FREE Group Trial in the class of your choice at 914-603-8600 or email:

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