Teletherapy / Virtual Visits

REHABOLOGYM is a specialized center designed to offer a safe and supervised exercise environment for individuals to maximize strength, endurance, health maintenance, and to improve the overall quality of life. In the event you are unable to attend in-person therapy or wellness visits for personal reasons, transportation issues or geographic circumstances, Rehabologym is proud to offer effective therapy & virtual visit services from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere “on the go” with the use of a computer, tablet or smartphone! 


Flexible appointment scheduling is available for new members, existing members and caregivers as needed by our highly trained & experienced Rehabologists.

For more information regarding Rehabologym‘s teletherapy services please call 914-603-8600 or email

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Why Robotics?

Repetition is imperative in motor recovery and increased neuroplasticity (making new connections) post neurological injury, which robotic devices deliver.

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