Myomo MyoPro Arm/Hand Orthosis & Intensive Custom Training Program

Rehabologym is proud to collaborate with Myomo “My Own Motion” and provide hands-on demonstrations & trials of the only powered orthotic on the market specifically designed to meet the needs of those with neurological deficits.

Originally developed at MIT with Harvard Medical School, the MyoPro arm and hand orthosis device works by reading the faint nerve signals (myoelectric signals) from the surface of the skin (no implants) and then activating small motors to move the limb as the user intends (no electrical stimulation).

The user is completely controlling their own hand, wrist, elbow, and arm; the robotic arm brace amplifies weak muscle signals to help move the upper limb. It has been called “power steering for your arm.”

MyoPro is the only wearable robotic device on the market to help restore function for those who still have their arms and hands but are unable to use them. The MyoPro is an EMG-driven orthosis that may help restore function in the arm and hands following a stroke, brachial plexus injury, cerebral palsy, and other neurological injuries and disease. The device is designed to be worn during functional activities such as feeding, grooming, household tasks, and many more.


designed to meet your needs and current abilities

Rehabologym is one of the only US sites to offer Myomo’s recommended 10-week intensive training program. The training program is designed to meet your needs and current abilities to help with overall functioning and orthotic usage.

  • For clients who recently acquired or currently own a custom MyoPro, Rehabologym offers the Myomo recommended 10-week intensive training program
  • For those interested in obtaining a Myopro, Rehabologym will evaluate each prospective member and deem eligible to obtain a custom device through Myomo which may be fully covered under insurance

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