NeuroBall Home Subscription Program

Get the Ball Rolling on the road to your Recovery with Rehabologym’s NeuroBall Home Subscription Program – “Portable & Affordable”.

Rehabologym is proud to offer an enhanced therapeutic experience for arm and hand recovery in the convenience of your own home! Rehabologym has collaborated with Neurofenix, an innovative therapeutic technology company, who has the shared mission of “making a difference in the lives of neurological survivors and their families”. 

In accordance with Rehabologym’s high standards of using evidence-based practice through repetitious movement, which are key principles to motor recovery, the Neurofenix NeuroBall, winner of nesta’s 2018 Innovator’s Award (UK) for the best invention that makes people’s lives better, has been shown to improve wrist and shoulder movements and overall quality of life for stroke survivors, through clinical research trials conducted by Brunel University London.

Rehabologym is the first and only U.S. site to offer this groundbreaking technology!

The Neurofenix NeuroBall is a smart device that functionally trains the arm and hand, adapts to one’s ability, measures progress over time, and requires little to no supervision, thus fostering increased independence for the user. This portable, novel technology is ideal for both neurological survivors as well as caregivers to maximize therapeutic potential and meet client and caregiver goals.


designed to meet anyone’s lifestyle needs and goals

Rehabologym offers a variety of flexible NeuroBall home subscription models and affordable payment structures designed to meet anyone’s lifestyle needs and goals.

To maximize success of your monthly home subscription program, Rehabologym provides the following services designed by our highly skilled Rehabologists to enhance your NeuroBall home experience:

One-hour in-person or virtual introductory instruction/orientation, which includes:

  • Baseline evaluation of current level of function
  • NeuroBall custom fitting
  • Introduction to your NeuroBall technology (hardware/software)
  • NeuroBall therapeutic module recommendations tailored to your needs by Rehabologists
  • Personalized Rehabologym Home Exercise Program (HEP), customized to your personal goals
    • One complimentary follow up virtual check in with a Rehabologist
    • Rehabologym client support services

Enhanced service options include:

  • In-person therapy sessions on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly virtual check ins with a Rehabologists
  • Virtual therapy sessions with use of your NeuroBall
  • Re-evaluation and therapeutic modifications

Contact Rehabologym for more information or to schedule a FREE 30 minute NeuroBall Trial today at 914-603-8600 or Email:

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Why Robotics?

Repetition is imperative in motor recovery and increased neuroplasticity (making new connections) post neurological injury, which robotic devices deliver.

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